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SSL Certificates

Secure your transactions using a digital certificate
Protect your transactions with a digital SSL certificate

The best prices

Comodo PositiveSSL
Validation Domain
$ 5.99 /Anual
Comodo PositiveSSL Wildcard
Validation Domain Includes Wildcard
$ 72.99 /Anual
Comodo Essential SSL
Validation Domain
$ 8.99 /Anual
Comodo Essential Wildcard SSL
Validation Domain Includes Wildcard
$ 79.99 /Anual
Comodo InstantSSL with Free EV
Validation Extended
$ 49.99 /Anual
What is a SSL?
and why do i need one
SSL comes from the abbreviation in English Secure Socket Layer, they are protocols that enable encrypted communications between the parties , ie when connected to a service via TLS / SSL such as email , FTP or web , data between your PC and the server is encrypted so that if someone intercepts the communication would be extremely difficult or impossible to obtain the data transmitted.

Its main use is in electronics and connection to external services that require authentication transactions, although it is perfectly possible to encrypt communication without a digital certificate issued by a recognized authority in practice you should always use digital certificates valid for any public service (web , ftp , email)


Depending on the type of certificate purchased, the organization issuing the certificate will validate that you are the rightful owner of the domain / business , most simply consists only have access to the domain or e- mail that appears as an administrator in whois , in extended Validation , you must send your business documents .



The SSL Wildcard can be installed in different subdomains of the same Domains , for example, an SSL wildcard for * .example.com works for example.com , blog.example.com , store.example.com and ending in another cuaquier Including .example.com www.example.com


Green Bar

Certificates 'Green Bar' offers the highest level of protection and includes the name of the company that owns the certificate , these certificates require sending the documentation for your company to be validated and take several days to be issued